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Robin Ficker, who sued to get Redskins seasons tickets 20 years but turned them back into the team a few weeks ago, isn’t going into hibernation.

As Fickerphiles know, making a scene at sporting events ain’t his only fetish: So is running for political office.

As Ficker, a ruthless and tireless campaigner who has run for every public office from dog catcher to U.S. Senator since the 1980s, was dumping his Skins seats, he was also competing for a seat of another sort.

Last month he won the Republican primary in the race to fill the Montgomery County Council slot left empty since Don Praisner’s death in January.

The special election will be held May 19.

Running runs in the family. When I asked him how he’s going to fill all the time he used to spend on Redskins games, Ficker told me his big pastime these days is traveling around the globe to watch his daughter. Desiree Ficker, who grew up in Potomac and trained with her father as a kid when he wasn’t screaming at Charles Barkley, is a world class triathlete.

She’s finished second in the Ironman Kailua-Kona in Hawaii.

And, oh, yeah, she was also named Hottest Triathlete 2008.

Who knew?