LL has spent the last week poring over the budget reports submitted by the 12 D.C. Council standing committees. With hundreds of pages of text, there’s bound to be a few slip-ups. Here’s two of LL’s favorites:

Holy Pork: From Muriel Bowser‘s public services and consumer affairs committee: “$500,000…is transferred to the Department of Parks and Recreation…for the sole and exclusive use of beatification of passive parks within the boundaries of Ward 4″ [emphasis added]. Now Bowser’s Catholic and all, but does she have enough pull with the pope to sanctify her parklands?

Dept. of Me: From Harry Thomas Jr.‘s libraries, parks, and recreation committee: “Redirect $1M from General Improvement (RG001) to Harry Thomas, Jr. Recreation Center Project, created in the 2009 Capital Budget.” The height of narcissistic legislating? Probably not: There is a Harry Thomas Sr. rec center in Eckington, named after the current councilmember’s father and predecessor as Ward 5 councilmember.

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