My AOL mail homepage today features hater-for-hire Miss California and a teaser about “Leaked Photos,” so of course I read.

Turns out some mildly tawdry shots of Carrie Prejean from her modeling career have hit the web. Nothing with animals or appliances yet, though the photos reveal her blonde hair’s fake, too. (Messing with God’s work quite a bit, eh, Carrie?)

But then I also hit a link on the page for associated “Racy Photo Scandals” — I plead the Pete Townshend defense: “Research” — and was directed to a montage that featured Prejean, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens….and Chris Cooley!

Ah, yes. Everybody’s fave Redskin’s foreskin was briefly visible on his website last season. By accident, of course.