Snuck out to Ristorante Posto on Saturday night. I’d heard some good things and some mediocre things about this new Logan Circle hotspot, and they were confirmed by and large. Good, bountiful entree of pasta and seafood, though hardly exceptional. Great green salad.

But I am not here to speak about the food that comes from Posto’s kitchen. I am here to talk about the food that comes from the wait stand. In this case, the parmesan cheese. I don’t know when the whole concept started and don’t care to research it in any way. All I know is that at some point, at pricier Italian restaurants, the servers started approaching me with parmesan cheese and administering their own sprinklings. Having grown up going to red sauce houses and pizzerias, I was accustomed to having whatever cheese I wanted on hand, in one of those patented plastic-and-silver shakers.

Would that fine dining establishments like Posto would embrace the DIY approach to parmesan. I don’t give a shit if they have to dumb down the quality of the cheese. I’ll take Sargento. Just don’t make me dependent on some guy or gal to shake me a little parmesan!