*The President and Vice President supped at Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington yesterday. According to the Post, they went dutch.

*THIS WEEK IN CAL THOMAS: The Washington Times commemorates the 30th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher’s election as Prime Minister with a fawning piece whose best moment is its opening anecdote:

The newly elected Mrs. Thatcher takes her all-male Cabinet to dinner. The waiter asks her what she would like to order.

“I’ll have the beef,” says she.

“What about the vegetables?” asks the waiter.

“They’ll have the same.”

*Haven’t played the Post‘s “build your own D.C. budget” game? Then you haven’t lived.

*D.C. Police have arrested Delante Samuel Sharp for the 2008 murder of Mario Antwon Settles and Shanell Adams in the 1700 block of Q Street SE.

*14th & You has a rundown on the upcoming ANC meetings in the Logan/Dupont/U Street area.

*Mr. T in D.C. can’t read any more. “Try Kite Runner,” his wife beseeches. It doesn’t take:

Each time, it felt like I was wasting time, slugging through pointless description and character development. I got antsy, and had to put the book down, preferring to read the summary on Wikipedia. It was impossible to read!

Mr. T chalks it up to the internet’s realignment of his attention span. My advice, as someone who fell out of and then back into the habit: Start with a mean book of essays! Bite-size, episodic, light—perfect training wheels to get you going. Maybe even one of these.

*Tonight’s City Lights rec: Robin Rose‘s “Cypher” exhibition at the Katzen Arts Center. Maura Judkis calls it “a broad-reaching show, examining life and death, politics, history, and consumerism, but Rose pulls it off.”

*Why hasn’t Howard Wolfson updated his indie music blog since mid-March? Could it have anything to do with Terry McAuliffe‘s run for governor?!