Few in public service have fallen harder. Recently, we chronicled Greg Bowyer, a fire department whistleblower who had been demoted from arson investigator to hydrant checker. Today, his hydrant checking duties were temporarily suspended in favor of rescuing some flooded bathrooms. This morning he attended to the Florida Avenue NW water main breakwhich still appears to be a problem—and helped citizens mop up their flooded basements and bathrooms. “We responded code one with lights and sirens,” Bowyer says of his community service unit’s response to the bathroom detail.

Bowyer adds he’s “thankful for the unique opportunity.”

“I’m not sure if this is a promotion from the hydrant detail or a demotion,” Bowyer jokes. “It wasn’t too bad today. At least I helped some citizens even if it was just cleaning the bathrooms out….After a year, I finally got a chance to respond to an emergency, although it was a water emergency.”