Awesome Capitals trivia from play-by-play man Steve Kolbe: After last night’s OT loss in Pittsburgh, Kolbe related that the Caps have never won a Game Three in any best-of-seven playoff series. The team’s been around 35 years! How’s that possible? (Apparently it’s NOT possible!)

Awesome Capitals trivia about play-by-play man Steve Kolbe: The franchise has had only two play-by-play announcers in its long history, Ron Weber (1974-1997) and Kolbe (1997-).


Speaking of consistency: Awesome trivia about the Redskins: During the offseason, the Skins have now signed Jaison Williams, Mike Williams, Roydell Williams, Eddie Williams and Edwin Williams.

After reading yesterday’s Washington Post opus on local-product Edwin “Don’t Call Me Eddie” Williams’s family’s drug problems (we’re told his folks “traveled up and down the East Coast in search of cocaine.” Really? Why? Did DC run out?), I’m pretty sure everybody named Williams has a hard-luck tale.

Me, I’m rooting hardest for Mike Williams, who used to weigh 400 pounds. He’s on a biggest-loser style weight loss plan, I learned in a previous installment from the paper’s series, Opuses on Guys Named Williams and Their Hard-Luck Tales.

Too bad, cuz if Big Mike wasn’t watching his waist he and his new teammates could open a burger joint and name it, um, how ’bout Five Guys Named Williams? (Mark Moseley wouldn’t dare sue fellow Skins!) The team also has four Smiths, three Thomases and two Montgomerys.

But just one Vinny!


Awesome trivia about the new Detroit mayor, Dave Bing:

Only one high school in the U.S., public or private, put two alums on the NBA’s 50 Greatest roster when it was released in 1996: Spingarn High, which produced Elgin Baylor (Class of ’54) and Bing (Class of ’62).

Great as Bing was, the Detroit Pistons had to throw in a future No. 1 draft choice before Abe Pollin would take Bing and send Bullets guard Kevin Porter to Motown in 1975.

That trade, which Pollin always regretted, was part of the reason that the Bullets made EIGHT (8!) first round picks in the 1975-1978 NBA drafts.

And all but two of those first-rounders (Kevin Grevey in ’75 and Greg Ballard in ’77) were huge busts. Tom Kropp or Roger Phegley, anybody?

The Kwame Brown pick’s Tom Brady next to those guys’!


Maybe what Peter Angelos meant was: The Baltimore/Washington market isn’t big enough to support the two worst teams in baseball.

The Nats (7-18-1) went into last night’s worst-vs.-first battle with the Dodgers in first place in the race for the top pick in next year’s MLB draft by several lengths. The O’s (10-17) were only 2.5 games behind.

Consumer question: Since Tuesday’s tie with the Astros will be broken in Houston, do DC fans who suffered through the sister-kisser get a rain check?


Speaking of no-win situations: DC United tied KC, 1-1. If United had to give out refunds after every push, they’d be broke.

Err, broker: The team has organized still another rally in which fans will be following management’s orders and demanding a new stadium. From anybody.

The, um, festivities will kick off Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at Lincoln Park. To ensure somebody shows up, the team will provide bus service from RFK to the rally.

Are you gonna be listening, PG County? How ’bout you, soccer-mad MoCo? Richmond? St. Louis?


None of ya?

Et tu, DC?


Man o man o, is all that slamming of Mayor Fenty gonna haunt this team! (But anybody who was at the United game YEARS AGO when Fenty got on the RFK PA and promised everybody there he’d get ’em a new soccer stadium can show up at the rally without guilt or irony!)


Speaking of teams that threatened to leave DC for PG but, get this, ACTUALLY PULLED IT OFF: Get on the DC Divas bandwagon now!

The Divas are 3-0 and had outscored the opposition 95-0 before giving up a TD in garbage time of last weekend’s 27-7 win over visiting Pittsburgh. The Sup-Her Bowl trophy is all but in the bag.

Clearly, the input of Assistant General Manager Brian Mitchell is paying off.

After a bye this weekend, the Divas travel to NY to face the Sharks next week.

But every real sports fan in the market already knew that…


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