Looks like rain. What a surprise! Luckily there are plenty of fresh options should you want to run from the office to the shelter of a movie theater. Hit the links for reviews.

Star Trek: Duh.

The Limits of Control: Jim Jarmusch goes Dada again, this time dragging Tilda Swinton, Gael García Bernal, John Hurt, and Bill Murray along for the ponderous ride.

Next Day Air: This “comedy” is approximately as offensive as Star Trek is impressive. ScrubsDonald Faison and Mos Def allegedly star, but the film spends more time trying to force laughs out of decidedly less charming thugs who admit they’d rob their own family members or kill their best friend over a brick of coke. Wants to be an urban Pineapple Express; epic fail.

Tyson: Now here’s a thug worth the ticket price. Iron Mike may be doing a bit of damage control in this tell-all documentary, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.

Goodbye Solo: Ramin Bahrani‘s drama about a cabbie and his cranky, mysterious fare. Bahrani will be appearing for Q&As at Landmark E Street tonight and tomorrow.

Outrage: Kirby Dick‘s Michael Moore-ish diatribe on allegedly closeted politicians whose anti-gay votes paint them as self-hating hypocrites. Most are clear-cut cases, but the ones that aren’t might make you squirm.