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Frozen Tropics posts a sneak peak inside the nearly finished H Street Country Club: “They are still putting the finishing touches on the golf course, but the place is otherwise ready to go. With a capacity of 300 people, the space has great potential, and the owners have pushed it to the limits. The menu looks awesome, and one peak at the folks executing it will put any doubt to rest.”

The New Teacher On The Block has a really dumb classroom aide: “Ms. Know-It-All (the mean aide in my classroom) just asked me if I had ‘gained a little weight in my stomach.'”

DC Teacher Chic attends an event in which Rhee is asked to rate her performance on a scale of 1 to 10. Answer is not quite given. Rhee seems just not very revolutionary when compared to the Green Dot Charter leader profiled in the New Yorker.

The 42 writes on the glut of Thai restaurants, eating/not eating on the Metro, and so much more.

The Heights Life sees a new sign going up in Columbia Heights and it says something about chicken and steak.

Congress Heights On Rise posts pictures of the neighborhood’s recent parade and festival.