Exxon is blanketing the local airwaves with a commercial telling the working class to take a “Daycation.” What they mean is stop by one of their stations and buy a hot dog and a soda, which are now on sale at all the refiner’s mini-marts.

Oh, my.

Sure, things blow in our workplace. Insiders and outsiders alike tell us every day our industry is in a death/suicide spiral, and that the future’s in typing, not writing. Lots and lots of typing. And more typing.

But these commercials are aimed at people so overworked that they’ll count eating a goddamn gas station hot dog in their car as a vacation.

So, thanks for the state-of-the-worker message, Exxon! I gotta say: Now I feel better about my own lot! And I haven’t even taken a Daycation!