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Good day, Morning Roundup fans. Apologies for the lateness. Hey, there was a hockey game last night! Also, Caps fans weirdness > Penguins fans weirdness. Moreover, results of said hockey game not satisfactory. However, if you don’t know this, chances are you need more than a morning roundup—-you need a whole new news regime! SO WE MOVE ON TO:

  • ITEM: Gun rights folks gather in Phoenix. Meghan McCain, who is local by osmosis, is conflicted about this gathering in her hometown. “I grew up with in ‘good old red-blooded’ Phoenix,” she writes. “I moved to New York City when I was 18; I still consider it home.” Dammit, McCain, I just called you arguably local! “So, yes, the girl who wants to legalize gay marriage and thinks the GOP is out of touch with progressive-minded Republicans is fiercely protective of her Second Amendment rights and finds it empowering, especially as a woman, to fire off a few rounds and get closer and closer to the desired target.” She goes on to state that she doesn’t own a gun.
  • ITEM: Washington Times has some strange captioning policies.
  • ITEM: Vonage, Zune, Segway, ha ha, the future dies.
  • ITEM: GOP p.o.’s Virginia conservatives by paying for listening tour with public funds. WRONG WAY TO REACH VIRGINIA CONSERVATIVES, GOP! Geez!
  • ITEM: What’s more tiresome—-Dick Cheney commenting on Obama, Dan Balz analyzing Dick Cheney commenting on Obama, or loonie Washington Post readers going batshit on Dan Balz’s analysis of Dick Cheney commenting on Obama? Decide for yourself!
  • ITEM: Things I ate in Spain. ENJOYED: churros, many different tapas, grilled sardines, pan tomate, at least 45 percent of the 90 or so boccadillos I put back. DID NOT ENJOY: suckling pig, all the ham after a while, pulpo a la gallega at some crummy bar near the Plaza Mayor. Should have researched that one better.

Photo by Flickr user AxsDeny