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  • kob, who predicts great things will come as Adams Morgan bars lose their liquor licenses: “As a result of the ABC’s action and the moratorium, drinking in DC declines, crime falls dramatically, and the trash disappears. People walk around DC with smiles.”
  • B.Radical, who thinks vandalism against banks is just smashing. “Wake up people!! Smashing bank windows is a great way to protest! Here is why. When a person does something bad you can punish them. When a corporation does something bad you cannot. The only thing you can do is to hurt it financially. If the bank was shut down for a day or two it lost thousands upon thousands of dollars (i hope). Sure, protesting raises public awareness, but the smashing of bank windows had much more of an impact!”
  • Dave, who is happy to see Fuego/Frio return but is confused by a couple innovations: “Subdued energy? Sarcastic fuegoing? New clothing?!?”
  • mel, who sees an upside to summer-job programs: “You can complain all you want about giving kids jobs, but dont complain if you cut the program and the kids find more creative ways to make money or involve themselves in more entrepreneurial activities. Selling water bottles on NY Ave or washing windshields might be some of the more benign choices.”


I was tempted by “fuegoing,” but I had to go with kob! Because that was funny writing! E-mail me and I’ll send you a T-shirt.

Photo by Flickr user Kevin H.