*VA GOVERNOR WATCH: The editorial board of the Washington Times chastises the Democratic Governors Association for taking premature swings at Bob McDonnell, former Attorney General of Virginia and the GOP candidate for Virginia’s upcoming gubernatorial race. Among the Times’ charges: the DGA has created a shadow org., Common Sense Virginia, from which to “spew poppycock” about McDonnell; accepting money from union bosses; and DGA’s harping on McDonnell’s stance that Virginia not accept a large influx of federal stimulus money. The DGA notes that though Republicans are throwing a ton of energy into upcoming gubernatorial elections, McDonnell raised only $2.2 mill in the first quarter of 2009. (Common Sense Virginia will not be endorsing any of the Democratic candidates.) The Post, meanwhile, reports on the Democratic side of things—where McAuliffe, predictably, is on the defensive.

*D.C. Police report that they’ve made an arrest in Sunday’s fatal stabbing of 34-year-old Tyrone Wheaten in the 2400 block of Elvans Rd. SE. 38-year-old Troy Richardson is being held for Murder One:

Mr. Richardson had reportedly stabbed the decedent and then fled, barricading himself inside of his own apartment at the above location. Member’s from the Department’s Emergency Response Team responded to the scene and were able to successfully remove the suspect from the apartment and take him into custody.

*Mr. T in DC was shocked to find a street vendor selling baby turtles in Columbia Heights.

Where did this guy get the turtles? Did he raid a wildlife sanctuary, or plunder Rock Creek Park? Were they a rare species, smuggled into the country? Does he breed them in his home? I’m guessing he didn’t have proper permits and whatnot.

*The Prince of Petworth is pleased to announce that a “real historic diner” is coming to Trinidad. One of the owners even wrote him an email:

“My partner and I are moving an historic 1940’s diner from New York to Washington, DC tomorrow. We bought a Silk City Diner, manufactured by Paterson Vehicle Company in 1947, that has been in upstate New York ever since it was put into service.”

*Today’s City Paper must-do: “Presidents in Waiting” at the National Portrait Gallery.