An American Idol upset last night. Don’t care. Don’t watch it. But today the Washington Blade is saying it was “smear the queer” time in America. Just like when Brokeback lost! Scandal! Sniff!

My idol? Michael Volpe, the 25-year-old guy standing in front of Metro stations with a bright orange sign advertising himself as an entry level jobseeker. I have a soft spot for SUNY Geneseo grads after spending several weekends there as an undergrad way back in the early ’90s. But even if you don’t, you gotta read Petula Dvorak’s sweet little story about this guy. And she took the photo. Is the Post turning into the Current?

Also local in our paper of record: Tai Shan really is leaving this time. Know the real reason why? He gained weight and ceased to be cute. My mom told me the same thing way back in the early ’90s.

Moving on to other people who write blogposts:

* DCist has the lowdown on the trainwreck Tweets between DCRA and the owner of the Capital City Diner, the 1940s dining car moving to a Trinidad used car lot (which Tim Carman broke a few days ago on our Young & Hungry blog). Matt Ashburn, one of the partners in the venture, had to drop the car in the middle of Bladensburg Road. Spokesman to the stars (or just for DCRA) Michael Rupert later cleared things up. The foundation was poured wrong and the dining car’s on blocks for now. Also on it: We Love DC.

* There’s Euro Trash in Borderstan.

* Hoogirl gives it up to Hoogirl for landing in the Post. Also, she’s going to Target today.

* The Anacostia Gateway’s getting some new buildings that probably won’t be boarded up. And, Now’s got the scoop, of course.

* I can’t believe we missed Cher’s birthday. Q Street News cannot say the same.

* The Ride of Silence honoring local killed cyclists couldn’t have happened on a nicer evening, weather-wise. I see no updates this a.m., although the peloton went by my apartment. The WashCycle, which organized the ride, has other news, namely the opening of the pedestrian/cyclist bridge over a historically dangerous and often-crossed section of Route 50 in Seven Corners. (Incidentally, this bridge goes to the shopping center targeted by the snipers in 2002. I mean: Could that Home Depot be any safer these days?)