Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to a balmy addition of Freedom Friday. Last week I wrote that police in Mississippi arrested Pete Eyre, Adam Mueller, and Jason Talley of the Motorhome Diaries for filming a traffic stop. Thanks to the support of many liberty-minded folks the country over, the boys received $2,580 in bail donations and spent $1,487. Guess what they’re doing with the rest? Sending it back, via Paypal, to the people who gave it to them. (Take note Timothy Geithner, you theiving sumbitch.)

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and a teensy bit more about Maureen Dowd, after the jump.

  • The MSM would rather praise Barack Obama for what he says than hold him accountable for what he doesn’t do, hence the flowery recaps of yesterday’s speech with little mention of the broken promises. Great example: On Wednesday, Rachel Maddow reported that Robert Gibbs, in response to a question about what Barack Obama was doing to overturn/abolish Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, said that the president “is working with the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs on making that happen.” Yet according to Maddow, “a Pentagon spokesman said just yesterday that that‘s not actually happening, that there is no planning underway. There‘s no work underway inside the Pentagon toward changing the policy, despite the fact that the White House keeps saying that there is.” As Greg Pollowitz at the NRO’s Media blog points out, Maddow failed to mention that Gibbs lied. (Lefties, like righties, need that kind of shit spelled out for them.) In summary, the Obama Administration said its working to change Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and yet it’s not actually doing that. At least his speeches are uplifting! My thoughts on DADT.
  • In case you missed it, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd plagiarized. The NYT didn’t care, Josh Marshall (the victim) didn’t care, and Maureen Dowd didn’t care enough to formally punctuate her apology letter to HuffPo or address the fuck-up in her most recent column. Then one of my heroes, Jack Shafer, went and threw her a fucking bone, NSA. Every time I see that woman’s wizened yet beautiful visage, my blood boils. How the fuck does she get away with it? Would William Kristol have gotten away with plagiarism? Newser‘s Michael Wolff thinks we should all just let it go: “Dowd is like some much-vaunted high school type whose success and popularity drive everybody else mad with either envy and spite or inspire a perverse (evidence of great-self-loathing) desire to be her way-too-loyal friend and supporter….Indeed, she is famously surrounded by an inside circle of friends and supporters—other famous-type columnists and New York Times reporters—who famously help her write her column. She regularly lifts their thoughts and sentences, which, since they are unpublished (supposedly), is not plagiarism—though it certainly is insiderism….Such insiderism is why so many people, especially the outsider-type bloggers, despise her. Her evident self-satisfaction and the obvious echo chamber in which she resides, not to mention her apparent ability to get by without doing too much work, rankles.” I am TOTALLY BLUSHING RIGHT NOW!

OK, I’m going to watch this video of Maureen Dowd laughing at her own jokes! See y’all later!