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A few days ago, LL linked on the news that all city workers failed to write in their home addresses and phone numbers on financial disclosure forms. Today, the issue was vetted on Kojo. Sherwood made the point that high-level officials’ addresses should be public. We need to know whether or not they are District residents. We need to know if where they live and the type of home/condo/rental they have influences how they conduct their business. This secrecy stuff is petty. AG Peter Nickles needs to reverse himself on this one.

Today, of course, WTOP’s Mark Segraves breaks big Nickles news. He finds out where Nickles is living in the District. He also has a running twitter account of his interview with the cranky AG. Nickles won’t say whether he registered as a Democrat or not. He’d only say he is a supporter of Fenty and Obama.

And finally, DC Watch, a few days ago, slams all the political posturing over the D.C. crime bill. The rant is old but still very worthy of your time.

The Watch writes:

On Monday, Councilmember Phil Mendelson held a committee hearing on the Omnibus Anti-Crime Amendment Act of 2009. The Fenty administration and its supporters have been hyping the bill as the miraculous solution to all DC’s crime problems, one that must be passed without any delay or doubt, and they have been Mau-Mauing and politically bullying Mendelson because he has actually insisted on holding hearings and on listening to opponents as well as supporters of the bill. The Fentyists have tried mightily to exploit every recent shooting, claiming that it could have been prevented had the bill been passed earlier. Ward One Councilmember Jim Graham did so on Friday, May 15, when he wrote to neighborhood listservs about a targeted shooting at 14th and Columbia that, “at least three police officers were right there at the shooting. There are various cameras, including an MPD crime camera at 14th and Columbia, and other cameras on the buildings. All of that is now being checked for evidence. All of this reinforces my support for fast council action on Mayor Fenty’s omnibus crime bill.” Right. Three police officers right at the scene couldn’t prevent the shooting; more legislation could.