Why.I.Hate.DC hates on crime:

“Memo to everyone: DC is not a safe place. That home that sold at 14th and Fairmont for $499,999 was not a good deal. In all of these recent shootings, and Oh, I forgot about the murder outside the Mt. Vernon Square metro—the police have been close enough to hear the shots and respond immediately. Still no arrests in any of these homicides. I’m not about to criticize the officers on the scene, but clearly there is a failing at some level of administration here. Obviously. You don’t need someone who rarely updates a blog to tell you that.

My speculation is that things are only going to get worse as summer drags on, with the economy still in the pisser, and gang rivalry flaring up. You can tell me that violent crime is down and all of that (and maybe it is), but we’ll see how those statistics work out once it’s August. I’ve lived here long enough (in the grand scheme of things, not very long) to know that we haven’t done anything magical to put a lid on crime in DC.”

In case you don’t trust bloggers who rarely update their blogs, how about the latest crime news from Borderstan. Crime is all the blog appears to be reporting on lately. And while we’re hating on ourselves, 14th & You would like cleaner streets like they have in London.

New Columbia Heights notes that the Circulator bus is now on youtube. I prefer DCRA on twitter.

The New Teacher On The Block scolds one of their aides for letting one of her students wander off: “Seriously, people, DCPS does not ask much of you…but if you could not lose my students, that would be excellent. And I know kiddos are prone to wander sometimes, but the fact that you didn’t even notice one of your kids was gone is awful. Especially because [if] something had happened to him, it would certainly have come back on me.”

Congress Heights on the Rise makes more great points about a bad ANC.

Our own Black Plastic Bag breaks big news on the upcoming Sonic Circuits 2009 lineup. And Young & Hungry breaks the news on Spike’s eviction from his Cap Hill rental.