*IT AIN’T ALL ABOUT SOTOMAYOR: The Post fronts the news from California: a 6-1 ruling by the State Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, citing widespread support among voters.

…the California court said voters spoke clearly, through last fall’s ballot initiative known as Proposition 8, in wanting to limit marriage to a man and a woman. At the same time, the court said that the marriages of the approximately 18,000 couples who wed before the ban was passed remain valid and that same-sex partners can still enjoy equal legal benefits through recognized civil unions.

NBC Washington has stuff on the Dupont Circle protest. I found the Sexist‘s coverage less depressing.

*OH, YEAH, ABOUT SOTOMAYOR: Slate‘s Andy Bowers teaches you how to pronounce the SupCo nominee’s surname. Spoiler: It’s “”so-toe-my-YORE.” (Bowers has the audio, though.)

*WJLA has coverage—and, naturally, video—of yesterday’s flooding.

*Over at Young & Hungry, Tim Carman previews the H Street Country Club, admonishing, “you’ll never get a tee time.” He’s referring to that 9-hole indoor putt putt course, of course, and he’s got awesome photos to prove it. Prince of Petworth‘s take on the situation:

Upstairs is where it gets really interesting. Why? Because that is where you can find the indoor putt putt. Which is as insane in reality as it sounds. But it is awesome. It is a 9 hole course with names like U Street, K Street Lego Lawyers, The Awakening of Marion Barry etc. It will cost $7 dollars.

*District, Schmistrict hates “sorry for the lack of posts” posts as much as you do. But the Iowan couple really is sorry about the lack of posts, chalks it up to “serious lack of blog-motivation lately” spurred by “ever-more pleasant weather,” and promises they’ll be back, keyboards ablaze, in the near future. (The forecast, if nothing else, should help just a bit.)