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The Amazin’ Nats did it again, losing 6-1 to the Mets in NY.

The only Nats run came via a home run by Adam Dunn, who by now is surely being asked by other guys in the locker room for hitting tips and, um, you know, dietary advice. Dunn has gotten himself into the mix as the Nats’ Mandatory All-Star Selection.

Race worth watching: Who’s gonna be named the Worst Team’s Best Player?

Streaky Ryan Zimmerman? Shairon “5-0” Martis? Or Dunn, who now has 15 HRs, the fourth most in the majors. And Cristian Guzman, now leading the team in hitting at .348, has to get some votes for this Tallest Midget-esque honor.

Which all leads to this: How can a team with so much talent be so bad?

Because, seriously, we’re talking bad for the ages.

The 1962 Mets, the shit standard for modern baseball, went 40-120. At 13-32, the Nats are on a pace to lose 114 or 115 games, since you can’t win .8 of a game. But that’s with three hitters having All-Star quality stats and one starter still undefeated.

Other than Joel Hanrahan, there’s nobody to feel sorry for. Manny Acta‘s got no hint of Casey Stengel in him.

Again, how can this team be so bad?

Something ain’t right.


Time for the Washington Nationals Run Run Differential Diffential™ Update, in which we’ve come up with a statistic just to come up with a statistic and to fill digital column inches to save the print product: The Nationals have wracked up a 145-run run-differential differential with the LA Dodgers.

That’s the highest RRDD™ ever recorded since RRDD™ records were kept.

Then again, RRDD™ was just invented five days ago, right here in Cheap Seats Daily.


Last week the Redskins jumped on the lottery bandwagon, getting a sponsorship deal for scratch-offs in Virginia a day after the New England Patriots did the same with the Massachusetts gambling officials.

These deals got me thinking. They came days after the NFL owners voted to allow such sponsorships for the first time. Government moves slowly, so the Redskins were surely negotiating with the Virginia Lottery before such team/gambling contracts were allowed.

Isn’t that…tampering?

In any case, the NFL lottery sponsorships, clearly in reaction to Delaware’s legalization of sports books, are another sign that sports and legalized gambling are going to become fast, fast friends here in the U.S., like they already are in the rest of the world. I can’t wait!


Anybody in denial about the ticket selling woes the Redskins are having this year should read a thread about the situation posted at the Dan Snyder-owned Extremeskins fan message board.

Seems the March 2 deadline for ticketholders to get their money into the ticket office this year was etched in sand. Time was, Snyder’s organization held the threat of losing season tickets over everybody. He can’t do that any longer, according to poster after poster.

One Extremeskins poster going by the handle GoSkins0721 relates how the team continues to hound him with special offers, including some on formerly hard-to-get parking passes, months after he opted not to renew his season tickets.

For Snyder to allow 3 months to go by without collecting interest on the ticket money is unbelievable. I would have expected maybe to allow people to pay by 3/15, but almost into June? Something doesn’t smell right.And people who paid on time SHOULD be pissed.

Who believes the waiting list exists? I dare somebody to say they do!

Blackouts coming?


This Just In: Those Pittsburgh Penguins are good. When the Caps/Pens series ended, it was all sadness and shoulda-woulda-couldas around here. But last night’s sweep-ending win over Carolina in Charlotte makes it seem like a major accomplishment that the Caps were able to stretch Pittsburgh to seven games.

Remember: We’re a town that accepts moral victories!

But, damn, if only the Caps woulda got past Pittsburgh, this coulda been the year.


Satan/Penguins Nexus Update: Last night’s Pittsburgh/Carolina box score /a> reveals the Penguins got ANOTHER assist from Satan.

ESPN’s take on what’s going on: “Satan appears to have turned back the clock in becoming a positive contributor with the Pens.”

Guess the Caps never really had a chance…


Looking back: Amazing tale of Andrea Jaeger in yesterday’s Washington Post.

The brief early ’80s tennis superstar, who introduced the concept of athletic burnout to the masses, gave away all her money and stuff after leaving the sport to become a nun and work with kids with cancer.

I feel bad for always rooting against her now during tour stops at the Smith Center and Cap Centre. I gotta wonder if Jaeger has any guilt for shilling cigarettes to little girls for all those years on the Virginia Slims circuit.


Turns out we have the national champion college croquet team right in our backyard: the team from St. John’s College in Annapolis won the title again in 2009. Who knew?

And why didn’t they get a trip to the White House? Guess President Obama didn’t have the Johnnies in his croquet pool.


The Bowie Baysox just announced their yearly Negro League Tribute Night will be held on Saturday, June 20 at Prince George’s Stadium.

Management promises “former Negro League players” will be in attendance. Much like WWII veterans tributes, events like these don’t have a very long half-life. The Negro National League, the home of D.C.’s own Homestead Grays and the majorest of the Negro major leagues, folded in 1948, a year after the white major leagues integrated. So even guys who were teenagers at the end could be 80 now.

Bowie organizers haven’t said what ex-players have committed to attend the tribute night.


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