Or just go to the art houses and avoid that conundrum altogether. Follow the links for reviews:

Up: Can’t imagine what an animated movie about an old geezer, a boy scout, and a floating house could possibly offer? It’s Pixar, so plenty.

Drag Me to Hell: Sam Raimi‘s return to horror is at an astonishing 94 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Evil Dead fans rejoice; anyone else remotely interested in the genre should get to a theater and get spooked old-school, pronto.

Moscow, Belgium: This Belgian romantic dramedy about a separated mother and her fling with a much younger anti-stud is more comic than depressing, though not a bit like Hollywood romcoms. For most of you, that will register as a good thing.

Revanche: A Ukrainian prostitute, an ex-con, and a police officer — it may sound like the setup of a joke, but they’re actually the main characters of this Austrian drama that goes a bit deeper than you might expect from any film that includes a brothel and a bank robbery gone awry.

Little Ashes
: Edward Cullen…er, Robert Pattinson stars in this Salvador Dali biopic. Reportedly, Pattinson doesn’t suck in his Twilight follow-up, but the film sure does.