Young & Hungry gets Carole Greenwood to open up on her post-Comet-post-Buck’s future. Seriously did every blog post need to describe her as bitchy? It sounds like she has a lot on her plate. Pun intended!

Written in Caps lists the five worst things about living in D.C. On the list: noise, crowds, traffic, garbage, and “personal detachment.” So what makes these things different than every other big city? I’ll add one specific D.C. thing to the list: the coffee shops here that close at 8 (I’m talking to you Sticky Fingers). It’s summer. Stay open late. Jeez.

The New Teacher on the Block catches a glitch in the how DCPS is assessing teachers. The blog writes:

This time of the year, DCPS teachers are supposed to be meeting with their principals to have final reviews done. At this point, the principal and teacher go over what the teacher has done for the year and review materials that show that the teacher has met the standards (there are 4 levels: exceeds expectations, meets expectations, needs improvement, and unacceptable). Well, my principal decided to fake ours by just catching me after school and telling me this:

“I would give you exceeds expectations, but we’re not allowed to give it to any of our teachers because of our status with making AYP” (AYP is adequate yearly progress,judged by test scores of 3-5th graders – our school has not made it the past 3 years)

DC Teacher Chic chronicles the last days of the school year. They report:

“My co-teacher and I have planned out the remaining two weeks of the school year. Our classroom, unlike some of the classrooms in my school, will continue to learn and to engage in academic activities.

One of the teachers in my school has decided to stop teaching reading to his / her students. Of all content areas, reading was the first to go! Can you believe it?”

14th & U analyzes the intersection where the pedestrian was recently killed—15th and W: “This intersection is a difficult one for pedestrians to traverse, what with Florida Avenue cutting through at an angle and 15th Street branching off into two directions. Couple that with confusing walk signals and times, and you can understand how such an accident could take place. (Conversely, the driver may simply not have been paying attention.)”

Bloomingdale (for now) finds an amazing new mural.

D.C. Foodies go super in-depth on their review of the Foggy Bottom Farmers Market. This is a must read.

The 42 notes that the Chinatown arch is getting a face lift.