So we’re about an hour or so away from the final vote on fiscal 2010 budget legislation, which includes all sorts of free money for local nonprofits and do-gooder groups. Thing is, those groups this year had to submit extensive paperwork proving their fiscal and programmatic bona fides. Not all of them have done it.

So if you’re associated with…

  • Columbia Heights Youth Club
  • In-Da-Streets
  • C.H.O.I.C.E. Inc.
  • Cabel Foundation Inc.
  • Ethiopian Community Service and Development Council Support
  • North Tivoli Business Association
  • Parents Association of Boys and Girls Club No. 10
  • Park Road Business Association
  • Uniting Our Youth
  • Cease Fire Don’t Smoke the Brothers
  • Friends of Kennedy Recreation Center

…get off your ass and send your stuff in, or no free taxpayer money for you!

Council budget aide Justin Constantino is sitting by the fax machine waiting for your paperwork. Several groups already today have sent in their last-minute submissions.