Obamaphiles, set your DVRs now. Tonight and tomorrow at 9 p.m., Brian Williams is taking viewers inside the White House for a behind-the-scenes look at the Obama Administration, featuring interviews with senior staffers, the First Lady, and POTUS himself. Even the most popular Portuguese Water Dog in the world makes a few cameos. It’s sure to be intriguing, especially if any of the cameras got footage of Rahm Emanuel dropping F-bombs, but it’s becoming incredibly apparent that Obama’s loyalty, at least in TV land, lies with NBC. He must be committed to pulling the network out of their ratings recession, just like he helped out GM yesterday morning.

Obama’s appearances on NBC programs have brought them some of their highest ratings in years. The election mayhem on Saturday Night Live earned upwards of 17 million viewers earlier this season, just by impersonating the president. And when Jay Leno interviewed Obama on The Tonight Show this past March, 14 million people stayed up to watch, about 3 million more than watched his last show on Friday night. If Obama really wants to pull NBC out of last place, he should just make himself available to the network at all times. Maybe not The Barack Obama Variety Half Hour—but an hour-long series detailing the inner workings of the Executive Branch. NBC could market it as “The Real West Wing.” All they need now is to find a staffer that looks like Rob Lowe.