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“[D]iscarded commencement tickets, crushed party cups, a wadded receipt for $28.57 in Hallmark graduation cards, bloodstains and broken glass.” WaPo this morning has a sad and well-written account of the post-graduation shootout in Prince George’s County, which left one young mother dead and three wounded.

Also in our local paper of record: A 12-year-old boy died after being struck by lightning near Fredericksburg.

Fresh content on our site and in the boxes today: Longtime contributor/sometime fan Justin Moyer mails things so  you don’t have to in his quest to rate D.C. post offices. His entire series appeared first on City Desk. Young & Hungry’s Tim Carman abandons the tasting spoon. The Sexist’s Amanda Hess notes teen sex scandals ain’t what they used to be. Housing Complex’s Ruth Samuelson figures out that pretending to know Tom Tancredo will take you only so far. Plus, movies, music, theater.

Voice on the Hill has the lowdown on the city “saving” three Boys & Girls Clubs by buying them.

And in the D.C. blogoworld:

* 14th & You recreates a conversation from two D.C.ers planning a “hit piece,” fails to name the subject of said hit piece.

* DCist does a hit piece on Live Nation’s “no service fee” promotion. Guess what? There’s still a service fee.

* Accidental Rabbit Trails debunks the legend of the missing J Street. It’s not L’Enfant’s snub of ol’ John Jay after all.

* Holla Back DC! finds a “nasty creep” at the Rhode Island Metro station. Bonus: He works for WMATA. In case you missed it, we’ve also documented some of D.C.’s nasty creeps.

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