• Jayme McLellan, who not only notes that artist Erick Jackson “does not smoke the weeds” but also makes an impassioned plea against labeling art: “An artist doesn’t have to have one type of style to convey what it is they seek to convey. This over-stylizing of drawing places some artists in a box. There’s no need for the box.” So true!

  • Grumpy, with a measured take on the DeOnté Rawlings killing: “Sounds like an angry (rightful so) homeowner who was doubly pissed that they had the nerve to break into ‘the police’ house. Not saying he was justified in killing the kid. Just saying folks are sick of other folks stealing, damaging what they work hard for and disrespecting them.”
  • JackM, giving a homina-homina to new Deputy Mayor Valerie Santos: “I think I found my next wife!”
  • Barbara Glickstein, who thinks I shouldn’t be thrilled if adult ads save my job: “What cannot be over looked is that these ads are used by traffickers to sell the services of women and children who are sex slaves – from within the USA and internationally. So your idea that this is saving your local newspapers is an ethical one to consider and discuss.”
  • Q, who posted 23 (!) comments this week but I’ll just pick this one, because s/he says “iron sharpens iron” about other commenters flaming her/him, and that is awesome.


If only David Carradine had accessed such wisdom in his final hours: 1) he’d still be making brilliant cameos; 2) my coworkers would not have discussed autoerotic asphyxiation for what felt like hours today. So Q, your aphorism earns you two ice packs promoting The Hangover. They’re fun to hold warm, though. E-mail me and I’ll ship ’em out.