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Easy Virtue: An adaptation of a Noel Coward play that stars Jessica Biel as a family-dividing American bride of a young British gent. It seems I’ve been living in Bizarro World, since I loved this yet pretty much hated

The Hangover, a Todd Phillips comedy about three very dudely dudes who lose their fourth dude while celebrating his last days of bachelorhood in Vegas.

Land of the Lost: Will Ferrell and Danny McBride’s slightly risque adaptation of the ’70s kids cheesefest. I thought it was pretty funny; see above.

: Atom Egoyan’s drama about a high-school student who invents a family story and becomes a viral superstar.

Enlighten Up!: Director and yoga devotee Kate Churchill tries to make a journalist downward-dog his way to spiritual nirvana.

My Life in Ruins: Nia Vardalos’ big fat Greek bomb.