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Some genius or foreigner over at MASN has brought back the commercial campaign for the Washington Nationals that dubs DC “Baseball Town USA.” The ads with that tag line began running at least as far back as 2007, a time when there was a new stadium on the horizon and still the possibility that this city would embrace the game that’s betrayed it so many times over the years.

But this season, with the team a disaster from its bullpen all the way up to its upperest levels of management and over to, especially, the turnstiles, the spots have a parody-like quality to them. Until further notice, we ain’t a baseball town, let alone THE Baseball Town.

So while watching Sunday’s loss to the Mets, when a voice that sure sounds like TV commentator Rob Dibble said, “Washington, DC…Baseball Town, USA!” I had to chuckle.

And if that is indeed Dibble, who during his game calls always calls ’em like he sees ’em whether that puts the Nats in a good light or not, he surely chuckled as he did the voiceover.

Then again, MASN has already made a real name for itself this season for bogus ad campaigns.