A couple weeks old, but new to LL: Men’s Fitness, noted authority on men’s fitness, has included Mayor Adrian M. Fenty in its yearly tally of high-profile specimens of masculinity.

Here’s what the mag has to say about Hizzoner, he of the early-morning interval runs and mid-day bike rides around Hains Point:

“I’m training as much as humanly possible,” says the leader of the nation’s capital. Fenty exercises like a pro athlete—rigorously and regimented—despite having a crazy schedule. “The chance of getting a workout once a day has gone down dramatically,” he says. Three times every week, he gets in a long early-morning run and also swims and cycles when he can. Fenty has prioritized public health as well, renovating several city playing fields and starting a youth triathlon camp. He’s built it, now he’s hoping citizens will come. “I think people have been really responsive,” he says.

On the list, Fenty (aka “The Mayor”) joins the likes of Hugh Jackman (aka “The Blockbuster”), Clive Owen (“The Leading Man”), Larry Fitzgerald (“The Freak”), Usain Bolt (“The Lightning”), Tim Tebow (“The Champion”), LeBron James (“The One”), and…uh, Richard Branson (“The Fly Guy”).

But beware, Mr. Mayor—-there may be a Men’s Fitness curse at play here: Named fittest of them all was none other than top-ranked tennis Rafael Nadal, who hasn’t done so well of late.