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Kudos to Borderstan who appears to have scooped every blogger on the central issue of our time. Borderstan has found the location of the Real World D.C. house—-2000 S Street NW. We can only add to their scoop with our own reporting!

According to D.C. government documents, the property is valued at $5.69 million (that’s the proposed 2010 assessment). The house was purchased on January 1, 2001 by DLB 20th LP. It appears that MTV or some Real World company is renting the house.

Four building permits have been issued since May, records show. One permit was for interior demolition. Another was for interior construction. The other two were for electrical and plumbing work. No word yet on whether a permit has been issued for hot tub installation.

No doubt this address will be home to some serious vapidness, bland hook-ups, and teary spats set to the gentle sounds of Chickenfoot. So who will benefit from all this crap? Bloggers like us.

Borderstan has the first-person narrative of its discovery:

“We heard sounds of workmen inside and, just by chance, saw a couple of guys outside (not workmen). One had a camera and the other one was taking notes. Without identifying their affiliation, I will say that they confirmed that 2000 S Street NW will be the house for The Real World. Moreover, at least one of the cast members will be a gay man and apparently one of the local venues for the drama-to-come will be Halo Lounge at 1435 P Street NW—across from Whole Foods…”

DCist has photos of the building’s interior.

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June 18 Update: Housing Complex reveals the floorplans of the house, showing game rooms and the confessional booth on the first floor, and “Love Sacks” on Second Floor.

June 30 Update: Twitter goes crazy over Real World cast arrival.