Mayor Adrian M. Fenty is scheduled to convene a press conference with local and federal law enforcement officials at 11 a.m. It’s already about 15 minutes overdue; but we’re ready whenever they get started.

11:30: Seriously, WTF Fenty? What is the holdup here?

11:47: Fenty begins by offering condolences to the Johns family.

11:48: Fenty confirms shooter is James von Brunn. He thanks guards: “Their efforts to bring this gunman down to quickly literally saved the lives of countless people.”

11:49: Von Brunn will be charged, Fenty says. MPD, FBI “are following up on several leads.” ADL is in attendance.

11:50: “We will get past this…The District remains an open, safe city for tourists and visitors.”

11:51: Cathy Lanier says “dozens and dozens” of interviews have been conducted. Von Brunn is being charged with murder and possession of a firearm in a federal facility.

11:52: Lanier says some details will remain secret: “We want to honor the integrity of the criminal justice system.”

11:53: Joe Persichini of the FBI says “dual charging” is being pursued on federal civil rights and hate crimes statutes. Emphasizes that no evidence exists that von Brunn had any help or accomplices.

11:55: Persichini refers to “active shooter strategy” that was implemented to guard against a Mumbai-style terror attack.

11:57: Persichini says law enforcement has executed search warrants on von Brunn’s residence and auto; interviewed friends and relatives; reviewed cell phone, Internet sites, computer data, and historical data. The goal in to construct “a complete timeline of Mr. Von Brunn.”

11:58: Persichini [says that von Brunn] “is known as an established anti-Semite and white supremacist.” Asks anyone who knows anything about the shooting to call law enforcement, wants to “make it clear that this country does not approve of any act of hatred in America.”

12:00: Museum administrator: “Stephen opened that door for the elderly man coming in…and he was shot.”

12:02: FBI won’t say exactly where and when von Brunn was “engaged.” On a rumored list of targets, Persichini says, “It is not a list.” Refers to “numerous documents, pieces of paper” in the car that “contained names and addresses.” All of those have been contacted by authorities.

12:03: Persichini says FBI did not have an open investigation of von Brunn prior to shooting.

12:04: Lanier: “We do have a very very detailed accounting of what happened.” He double-parked on 14th Street SW, approached the museum. Johns “was kind enough to open the door” for him; he then raised the rifle and shot Johns. It was an “older weapon.”

12:07: Lanier describes the “active shooter scenario,” considered a “homicide in progress”—-“it demands immediate action by law enforcement.” Within one hour, had area police chiefs on the phone to get organized.

12:08: Copycats? Persichini says, “I have to stress vigilance” and again asks the public for information.

12:09: Persichini says the FBI is continuing to work with Justice Department on possible civil rights or hate crimes charges, to be filed later in addition to murder and weapons charges.

12:10: Fenty closes with a plea for business as usual: “Let’s not let the acts of one madman set us back.”

12:11: The number of the Washington Field Office is (202) 278-2000; you can submit tips online as well. The D.C. police tip line is 888-919-2746 (919-CRIME) or you can text 50411.