Nothing has stirred up the blogosphere like Real World DC. There’s been the fighting over who got the scoop over nailing down the location of the Real World house, the inevitable anti-Real World D.C. blog, and the inevitable house porn from inside 2000 S Street NW.  Now things are heating up with the inevitable launching of a Pro Real World D.C. Blog.

The anti-Real World blog inevitably has struck back! They smell an MTV-assisted sneaky marketing campaign! They write:

“At 8:01 this morning, the ProRealWorldDCblog went live to an audience of…well 5 our ARWDC’s editors. While many of our contributors’ better professional instincts tell us not to bring attention to them because they are so far behind the curve on this, from an entertainment perspective, it was too good NOT to share. The blog REEKS of astroturfing….

I am left to believe this is MTV’s half hearted attempt to counter our mojo, and hell, I welcome them to the table. I do ask them for one favor: instead of trying to hide behind fake community blogs and ANC meetings, why don’t you come out from behind the curtain and engage us directly”

The fight is so on. Did the pro Real World folks respond?

It appears that the pro people haven’t responded yet. But they are seeking contributors:

“Please email me ( if you are interested in contributing to this blog. Make our pro-Real World Dupont voice known.”

(Via The Heights Life)

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