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Lotta weird things for the Nats yesterday. It didn’t rain. The OTHER GUYS blew the game late with a Little League-ish meltdown. And, get this: The bullpen held onto a ninth inning lead! (Where were you when the Reds needed you, Joel Hanrahan?) The Washington Times called the win over the Reds “LUCKY” in the headline. Sure it was.

So what?


Laron Landry‘s fashionably late entry was the big news of the Redskins OTAs. For all the good and bad reasons, Landry’s the closest thing the Skins have to Sean Taylor. He’s burned the base several times with no-shows at fan events, and now he’s got Jim Zorn looking as stupid as Joe Gibbs used to when asked about Taylor’s whereabouts. Zorn’s claim that he was calling the wrong cell number trying to get in touch with Landry is as embarrassing to the franchise as Larry Landover. Because of age, I’ll recuse myself from commenting on Landry’s newly pierced face.


The Federal Courts may have weighed in on the Redskins side, but the team’s name controversy ain’t going away until the name does. The issue has trickled all the way down to this year’s Peninsula-Delaware Conference of the United Methodist Church, being held this week the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Princess Anne. This afternoon conference members, representing 463 churches, will vote whether to boycott FedEx for the delivery service’s sponsorship of the Redskins.

From a report in the Delmarva Daily Times:

Boe Harris of Seaford, co-chairperson of [the conference’s Committee On Native American Ministries, or CONAM], said the call to boycott the package shipping company comes after attempts failed to discuss a name change for the Washington NFL team, Redskins, whose home games are played at FedEx Field, named for a sponsor, Federal Express Corp.

“We are going this path because we approached the owner of the team about this, and he is not going to change the name,” Harris said. “The Redskins are local to us, and the term is demeaning to our warriors. FedEx owns the naming rights to the field, so they can pull out.”


Redskins Restaurateur Update: Five Guys has the hottest hamburger in America this month, thanks to press from the Brian Williams special on President Obama. Yesterday, my always-sensationalistic AOL mail homepage had a big Five Guys feature story sandwiched between a piece on some scorned and chunky enlistee titled “I Was Too Fat for the Army” and another piece about, well, the headline tells you all you need: “Chastity Bono Changing Sex!” The Five Guys media blitz has gotta be fab news for former Redskin Mark Moseley, the team’s all-time leading scorer and the first and only kicker ever named NFL MVP. Moseley helped get the chain started after his own burger and fries joints in Northern Virginia failed, and now serves as Five Guys’ director of franchising. No matter big Moseley gets in burgerland, to me he’ll always be the guy who in 1982 kicked that last-second field goal in a blizzard to beat the Giants at RFK, the biggest kick in Skins history.

(Check out this video reel of ’82 Skins highlights, and tell me that the Fun Bunch doesn’t beat the crap outta that awkward and joyless group shoulder bump the Lakers use as the go-to celebration. But, in today’s NFL, the Fun Bunch would earn about 75 yards of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties every time they did their thing.)


Speaking of Five Guys: There was some activity during OTA’s in the Five Guys Named Williams realm. The Redskins yesterday finally signed Eddie Williams, a fullback and recent seventh-round pick. Not much chance he’ll displace Pro Bowler Mike Sellers this season, unless Sellers lets unhappiness with his contract impact his play. And Mike “Biggest Loser” Williams, a project offensive lineman who even after his crash diet stands as DC’s fattest pro athlete named Williams since John “Hot Plate” Williams, went down with a leg injury. Any setback could be his last, since Mike Williams, a former 400-pounder, hasn’t played football since 2006. Lineman Edwin Williams, a DeMatha grad and OL, spoke to Dan Steinberg of his childhood hate for all things Dallas. Receivers Jaison Williams and Roydell Williams just got lost in the team’s gaggle of receivers. It’ll be a miracle if come opening day the Redskins have Five Guys Named Williams on the roster. At least these five.


Hockey season ended for almost everybody around here several weeks ago. For everybody else, it ends tonight, with Game 7 of Pittsburgh-Detroit for the Stanley Cup. Satan’s been quiet this series. Too quiet. Look out, Detroit!

The only local hockey news was broken yesterday by the great Greg Wyshynski over at Yahoo sports: Alex Ovechkin is the coverboy of the new NHL 2K10 video game, and the Only Cap That Matters will unveil the product at a party in Vegas next week.

Wyshynski, for those who aren’t familiar with the Northern Virginian’s work as Puck Daddy, is the Ovechkin of hockey bloggers. And there is no Crosby or Malkin.


Minute Manute Bol Update: The beloved Bullets beanpole has hooked up with John Zogby, he of the Zogby polls, on a campaign to raise funds for a school Bol wants to build in his native Sudan. Hope the school lasts longer than Bol’s U Street restaurant.


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