DC Mud has done some great reporting on the renovations going on at one of the District’s few real dive bars. There’s been much blog talk about the changes at the Raven. I worried about what the Raven would mean with new retro lighting, etc. Now comes DC Mud with more info and actual interviews with the people in charge.

Mud reports that the upgrades will include an expansion in the back of the bar. I’m not sure what this will do for the cruddy bathrooms nor the graffiti on the bathroom walls. The renovations are being headed by Manna, Inc:

“We’re trying to make it look like the original. If you look around the Raven and the [neighboring Mount Pleasant Dry Cleaners], you can see that there are still cracks. We need a new coating that looks like original,” said George Rothman, President and CEO of Manna, Inc.

*We were kidding about the heated toilet seats.