Today, the Washington Post reported that the arraignment for alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James Wenneker Von Brunn has been postponed. The reason for the delay was obvious: Von Brunn remains hospitalized trying to recover from being shot in the face. But the court documents—-obtained by City Desk and everyone else—-still provide a few details concerning Von Brunn.

Really just two details emerge: He was big on the self pimp even within the rantings he left inside his shitty car. And he probably wasn’t the best roommate.

The court documents (which you can read here in PDF form) provide a detailed narrative of events leading up to the shooting death of Holocaust Museum security guard Steven Tyrone Johns.

After the shooting, officers searched Von Brunn’s 2002 red Hyundai double parked outside of the museum. Officers found a notebook which included such rantings as:

“You want my weapons—this is how you’ll get them. The Holocaust is a lie. Obama was created by Jews…Jews control the mass media.”

And then: Von Brunn plugs his own shitty website: “See:” How new media!

Officers also searched Von Brunn’s Annapolis apartment. This was not his apartment. Documents show that it was leased to Brandy Teel and her fiancee Erik Von Brunn (James’s son).

“Ms. Teel stated that James Wenneker Von Brunn moved to the apartment approximately two years ago and it is his only known address…. James Wenneker Von Brunn has his own room and pays rent in the amount of $400.00 per month. Brandy also stated that when James moved to the apartment approximately two years ago he came with two weapons, a 30/30 rifle and a .22 caliber rifle.”

Talk about a red flag. This would be total deal breaker for any Columbia Heights group house. Erik Von Brunn has condemned his father’s actions.

The court document goes on to state: “Recovered from the defendant’s bedroom was .22 caliber ammunition and a 30/30 rifle. Ledgers, journals, and manuscripts were also recovered.”

*photo by Dallas South.