Heavier rainfall, more scorching hot summer days, shorter winters, and spreading dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay – these are a few of the local impacts of global warming, according to a report released today by the Obama Administration.

The gist: Global warming is already here and only going to get worse.

Among the scarier scenarios for the D.C.-area: Heavy rains, like the ones we’ve had recently, will lead to more flooding and waterborne diseases. D.C. is particularly vulnerable because we have an antique  “combined sewer system” that carries storm water and sewerage in the same pipes. When the system gets swamped, sewerage overflows into rivers, drinking water supplies and swimming holes. Not a pretty picture and one that will increasingly expose District residents to waterborne parasites that cause diarrhea-like ailments with exotic names such as Cryptosporidium and Giardiasis.

For the full report, click here. For news from the press conference, check out this AP story. Meanwhile, the Guardian, says the report is part of the Obama Administration’s “carefully crafted strategy” to push through the climate change bill currently before Congress.