More proof that Don Beyer was meant to be named ambassador to Sweden, not Switzerland: World Radio Switzerland, an English-speaking branch of that country’s national broadcasting agency, has aired a hit piece on Beyer, just days after he was given the Swiss job.

The hatchet job, headlined “Doubts over US’s new Swiss Ambassador,” has some guy named Craig Holman from Public Citizen blasting Beyer as just “a car dealer” “who “has no credentials whatsoever to be ambassador to Switzerland.” Another gent with a foreign accent goes big picture and says that the Beyer pick is part of a pattern that “could really have an ultimate effect of undermining U.S. policy abroad.”

Oh, my! The Swedish NPR never woulda done Beyer like that! Not after he’s moved so many Volvos over here! He may have “no credentials” to Genevans, but he’s as big in Göteborg as he is in the town of my rearing, Falls Church.

Heck, it’d be “Fälls Chürch” if it were up to Beyer!

Definitely a mistake. Obama meant to give him the Sweden job and got confused!  ‘Fess up and fix things now, Mr. President. Americans will forgive you.

Again, we can’t answer the big question — Federer: Swiss or Swede? — either.

City Desk will stay on this story until the error is corrected. Or until, well, we find a Swiss band as good as The Soundtrack of Our Lives.