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Twitter! Have you heard of it? IT’S FREAKING HUGE! It’s even defeating evil dictators who don’t actually run their countries and putting awesome pro-American dudes in their place. Oh wait, it’s not. Man, the media runs hot and cold on these things, don’t we? It is not too late, though, for you to foment revolution…by following Patrick Gavin on Twitter! Forced from the Examiner (whose owner just bought something or other) because he refused to wear a bow tie (REVOLUTION!), the Politico columnist is a Washington Insider You Should Follow on Twitter. Some recent tweets from Gavin:

if Twitter brings down Iran, TV anchors should apologize to blogs who should apologize to Twitterers who apologize to their spouses

breaking(ish): Angelina Jolie will be in town tomorrow for World Refugee Day event.

I wonder if White House grounds crew will employ exterminating-POTUS to rid the organic garden of some of its nasty critters

cheap, drain un-clogging handyman recommendations in DC?

No need to crowd-source it, Patrick!

Entertainment news: Seth Hurwitz, who might be giving away the Virgin fest like it’s Twitter, is suing Live Nation. Apparently this has been going on for months but none of us noticed because we thought Live Nation was still called Clear Channel. Who knew? Also: I.M.P. stands for “It’s My Party.” Who knew? Also: JazzTimes died last week, but none of us noticed because it is about jazz.

Item: Obama gives same-sex partners of federal employees some rights—-for example, if your partner is in the foreign service, you now have the right to a medical evacuation!—-but not health insurance, because it’s important not to rush stuff. You never know where the next revolution is coming from.