This sounds like a bad summertime horror movie. The kind that’s beyond ridiculous but you still can’t quite wipe from your mind.

Now Playing! Dohn-DA, dohn-DA, dohn-DA, dohn-DA …  Attack of the Joyriding Jellyfish!

New research warns the spineless blobs are poised to take over the world’s oceans. It’s hard to deny the comic elements of this story but it’s also a pretty gruesome proposition. Jellyfish “blooms” have already evicted entire species of fish and will likely to take over more of the world’s watery real estate, according to Anthony Richardson, a biologist from Australia’s University of Queensland

Richardson, who has dubbed them “joyriding jellyfish,” tells Mongabay that humongous infestations have been observed along the North Atlantic Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean, and the Black and Caspian Sea. No word yet as to whether we’ll be seeing them this summer at Dewey Beach or Rehoboth.