With a mere 15 months remaining until Primary Day 2010, LL thought he would run down who is thus far committed to electoral runs—-committed, in the sense of actually having filed papers with the Office of Campaign Finance.


  • Incumbent Adrian M. Fenty—-Duh. Dude’s got at least $2 million in the bank.
  • Sulaimon Brown—-D.C. Wire had the scoop on this 38-year-old former Fenty volunteer’s challenge. He established his committee on May 5. His Web site fronts a pic with him and Barack Obama where Barack Obama does not seem to be acknowledging his existence.
  • Faith, the exotic dancer turned trumpet-tooting, horse-riding perennial candidate, filed her papers on May 1.

Ward 3

  • Incumbent Mary Cheh, as of May 15, is officially running for re-election.

Ward 6

  • Incumbent Tommy Wells is in. He filed his papers on June 11.

At-Large Council

  • Democrat-turned-independent Anthony Motley, who in March said he wanted to “explore the possibilities” of running, is in for real as of June 3. LL ran into the erstwhile minister and Marion Barry confidante at Monday’s meeting of the Missionary Baptist Ministers Conference, where he was handing out fliers for his campaign kickoff—-to be held a week from Saturday at Tony’s Gym and Fitness Club in Ward 8. His Web site has details on that event, and his new slogan: “Lets Make It Happen!” We’ll be making it happen without apostrophes, apparently.

    Also of note: Because Motley had to leave the Democratic party, he had to resign his elected seat to the Democratic state committee. On Saturday, the Ward 8 Democrats will be electing a replacement. The candidates are Darrell Gaston and Charles Wilson, both of whom ran against Barry for Ward 8 councilmember last year, plus Ward 8 Business Council President James Bunn and advisory neighborhood commissioner and Bluetooth-earpiece aficionado Anthony Muhammad. Motley says he’s endorsing Muhammad.