In case you missed it: A big Redskins bash has been announced for RFK Stadium in August. Ticket packages cost up to $12,500 and 20,000 fans will be there, say organizers. ‘Course, organizers also insinuate that featured guests will include Dan Snyder, Joe Gibbs…and Mel Kaufman? The dead guy?

This is guaranteed to be the biggest party this town has seen since Dionne Warwick‘s Inaugural Ball!


Pie-in-the-sky Redskins functions have been announced before around these parts in the recent past. Who can forget the “Supergala,” scheduled for Sept. 6, 2008 at the Gaylord National Resort to celebrate Art Monk‘s and Darrell Green‘s Hall of Fame induction?

Tickets for that gala were on sale for $2,500 per plate.

The event was canceled a week before it was to come off. Organizers never disclosed the reason for the cancellation.


Bases loaded, last of the 7th. Nats up, 3-0. Derek Jeter comes out of the dugout for a rare pinch hit appearance. New Yankee Stadium crowd goes crazy like an old Yankee Stadium crowd.

Manny Acta goes to Julian Tavares!

As the world, or at least the McKenna household, holds its breath, Guzman makes what radio guy Dave Jageler describes/shouts as a “sprawling stop!” and gets a force at second! The inning ends with “nothing across!” Nats keep the lead! The first shutout of the season!

The Nats Win the Series! The Nats win the Series! The Nats Win the Series!

It says so right here!

Or, well, they won their 18th game of the season. To go with 46 losses. But a curly W is in the books! “Damn Yankees” all over again!

Amazing how much it seemed like that game really mattered.


Nats continue interleague play this weekend with a visit from the Toronto Blue Jays. Local baseball fans don’t care much about either team, but tomorrow night DeMatha’s own Brett Cecil is scheduled to pitch for the Canadians.

Red Sox next week.


Mike Florio is the football pundit of the moment. Everybody’s talking about him. Or Brett Favre. Or both.

Chris Mottram of Mr. Irrelevant had a fun deconstruction of the buzz about Favre coming to the Redskins, which he traces back to Florio, the newest network football rumor factory.

Then the entertaining putzes over at Dan Snyder’s message board,, took the ball and ran with it all day yesterday.

The consensus of Skins fans there is that there’s no way Favre is coming to D.C. unless he does.


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