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Welcome to Freedom Friday! I’m briefly redefining libertarianism to include things that are interesting. As in…

Dan Froomkin canned! Intensely weird Bush-hating shut-ins mount campaign of angry comments on blogs read only by other intensely weird Bush-hating shut-ins. A neocon powerplay, or the political-commentary EQ of JazzTimes folding?

• Why I Hate D.C. has been on a streak lately. First a post on it that noticed the resemblance between a Tyson’s ad and the Vietnam Memorial riled up vets groups and occasioned a PR rescue mission. Now author Dave goes Montecore on the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission for hiring WASA GM Jerry Johnson. “WSSC doesn’t even acknowledge that there is anything controversial about their selection, instead citing that they have a close working relationship with Johnson because WASA treats WSSC’s sewage,” writes Dave. “With this hiring decision, isn’t it now the other way around?”

• TheWashCycle NAILS Loudoun County for using bike-trail funds to extend a road to the AOL campus instead. This could be really bad for AOL’s subscription numbers!

Nats crush Yankees! And Manny Acta still employed! Unlike Dan Froomkin! Life is funny that way.

In defense of flutists.

• Finally, a touching look at the too-short life of Clark Sabine.

Photo by Flickr user Bohman