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In an interview posted on the non-Dan Snyder-owned Redskins fan site Hogs Haven, Marion Barry answers questions about the city’s relationship with the football team.

The most interesting moments come when the name issue is brought up.

KevinE: Dan Snyder recently won a lawsuit regarding the use of the name “Redskins,” from your youth and growing up, you played a part in the Civil Rights Movement and have had to deal with many race issues, what is your take on the “Redskins” mascot name and do you think it is offensive to Native Americans?

Marion Barry: I agree with the Native Americans. I think it’s degrading and disrespectful. This happened in a time when you didn’t have that kind of attitude going on…you know, an era that went on that should have been changed to another name. You know, it’s true, and there’s others, the [Cleveland] Indians and other places. That’s that.

Barry still says he wants the Skins back in DC.