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The Washington Post, after cutting back on tons of stuff I wanna read, has launched an all-hands-on-deck project for…swimming?

The new site, called reachforthewall.com, was introduced grandiosely yesterday: “With Monday’s official launch of reachforthewall.com, a team of Washington Post journalists and editors will bring you local, national and international swim coverage daily.” And today in the Titanic, um, platform of the newspaper, we get oodles of inches about the same hi-tech swimsuits that we got oodles of inches about during last year’s Olympics.

Who gives a rip about swimming?

I know they’re not going after my demographic. Joe Frazier’s more at home in the water than I am*. And I’d rather read about Michael Phelps when he’s reaching for a bong than a wall — count on me when reachforthebong.com goes live.

And, sure, I delivered chlorine to every pool in the DC area during college summers, so I know a lot of parents around here take kids to swim practice.

But a whole new site, with a big “local, national and international” team of journalists AND editors? For….swimming?

And there wasn’t enough left in the kitty to send anybody to the Kentucky Derby this year for probably the first time since the 1800s?

I don’t get it, and I don’t get it.

*Joe Frazier’s near-death in 1973 while taping the made-for-tv “Superstars” swimming competition (Frazier’s actual rescue from the pool is cut from this youtube clip but there’s enough here for giggles) is among the most memorable sporting events I ever watched. It came close to “And drown goes Frazier!”