The DC Armor had the last home game of their first season last Saturday at the DC Armory. Things went went pretty bad for the indoor football squad on the field — the team’s got a 4-9 record heading into this weekend’s finale on the road in Baltimore — but worse off it.

Watching taped broadcasts of the home games on WJLA’s supplemental digital channel, it looked like there were more players in the Armory than fans. Really.

For a game in May against the Harrisburg Stampede, attendance was announced as 1,389. There might have been that many fingers and toes in the grandstand. No way there were that many fans.

The team’s statistics page, compiled by the American Indoor Football Association, shows total attendance for the seven home games listed at 1,238. That’s 177 fans per game. That number comes closer to matching the WJLA video.

So I asked Erik Moses, CEO of the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission, the oxymoronic independent government agency that runs the Armory, about the announced home crowds of 1,300 and change, and if some attendance padding had taken place in his building.

The low turnouts clearly haven’t crushed Moses’s sense of humor.

“A lot of those folks came dressed as seats,” Moses told me, with a big laugh. “I think they dress that way at Nats games, too.”

And no matter how the fans dress, Moses added, he wants the Armor back next year.