Councilmember Jim Graham, who is chairman of the Metro Board, just called in to report a few things to City Desk regarding yesterday’s Metro crash. Graham mentioned that the board’s $250,000 relief fund for the Metro crash victims’ families. He emphasized that this is not hush money.

“We wanted to have this immediately,” Graham explains. “We know there are probably going to be significant legal actions.”

Graham says that one of the inspirations for the relief fund came from the circumstances involving one of the victims—-Ana Fernandez, who left behind six children. The Examiner notes that she lived in Hyattsville and had resided in the area for the past 10 years. She worked evenings as a part-time housekeeper. Graham says: “We don’t know how many more are like that. Those needs came to my attention today….And now there’s emergency relief.”

Graham says that reps from El Salvador’s embassy have reached out to the Fernandez family as has Mayor Adrian M. Fenty.

Graham says the issues with the aging train cars has been a longstanding issue. “We have talked about it repeatedly,” he explains. “This is a significant number of cars. Within the next two days, we’re going to be talking about more of our options. We also have a regular board meeting [on] Thursday.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery