O Jesus! Awesome Trivia about Nats “relief” pitcher Jesus Colome relayed during last night’s broadcast of the Red Sox loss: He has inherited nine runners this year coming out of the bullpen.


That’s amazing! That’s horrible! That’s the Nats in ’09!

Colome let in  three runs of his own in th eighth inning of the Nats series-opening loss to Boston, as the Red Sox improved their record at Fenway South to 1-0 last night.

I was listening on the radio. That was a home game for the Sox, right?


If you can’t get ’em fired, get ’em hired.

Mike Florio, who came out of nowhere to become the Perez Hilton of the Gridiron™, has a great tidbit in the wake of Jason La Canfora’s debut yesterday with the NFL Network.

Florio says La Canfora was recommended for the job…by Dan Snyder! True or not, that’s a great tidbit!

And, more importantly to Snyder and his pal Vinny Cerrato, true or not, the network gig got La Canfora off the Redskins beat.


The marketing of Danica Patrick, who’s sorta coming to this market this week, has gotten pathetic.

Google image “Danica Patrick”, and you won’t get one shot of her with a car on the front page, and few of her in her clothes. Nearly every photo finds her tugging on some skimpy garment as if nudity’s just a frame away.

She’d wear a two-piece fire suit this weekend in Richmond if you gave her an extra buck.

‘Course, I can only name one driver in the SunTrust Indy Challenge, a race around which a three-day festival will be held this weekend at Richmond International Raceway.

So by “pathetic,” I guess I mean: You go, girl!


Abe Pollin hates Jimmy Carter. Could this be where the animus started?

Yesterday Stetsports.com posted a video filmed at the Capital Centre in 1979 that shows then-President Carter, talking on national television in Abe Pollin’s own building, that he’s rooting for the Atlanta Hawks against Pollin’s Bullets in the NBA playoffs.

Just a year earlier, Pollin had gifted Carter with a special t-shirt (at about the 1:25 mark of the clip) after the Bullets won their first and only NBA title.

Kinda tame. But for some reason, Pollin is still holding a grudge against Carter.

In 2007, Pollin’s family commissioned “All About Abe,” a documentary on the patriarch for his 84th birthday. The guy’s had a life worthy of a feature film – sports pioneer, construction pioneer, mega-philanthropist, etc.

But the story of Abe as told in the family’s vanity project took several odd turns to go after apparent enemies, the most damaging examples went after  President Carter. There’s a pointless scene about Abe disrespecting Carter by not giving the president the seat he wanted at a basketball game at the Capital Centre, and a bizarre, mean-spirited segment that has Abe and former Maryland Governor Marvin Mandel and others telling historically impossible stories that have a similar punchline: Carter’s anti-semitic.

“[Carter] tried to keep me from being chairman of the National Governors’ Conference,” Mandel says. “He actually said on the telephone…‘We can’t elect a Jew the head of the National Governors’ Conference.’”

Then Abe comes on and says that Carter got the Justice Department to frame Mandel. Mandel was indicted in 1975 and went to jail after being convicted in 1977 on mail fraud charges that stemmed from an investigation launched by the U.S. Department of Justice related to the 1971 purchase of the Marlboro Race Track.

Carter took office in 1977. I love Abe. But the Carter-sullying portions of the movie ruined it for me.

Why bother?


On a happier not about Abe’s teams: A Washington Bullets fan favorite from the ’70s, Leonard “Truck” Robinson, was just hired as an assistant by Coach Paul Westphal, now with the Sacramento Kings.

Robinson, a power forward, was better known for having the best nickname on the team than he was for whatever rebounds and points he got spelling starters Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes.

Man, those Bullets teams were good.


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