Geoffrey Birchard, an associate professor at George Mason University, helped discover a problem. According to a press release sent out by GMU, Birchard and his crew figured out that the traditional method for calculating the mass of dinosaurs was faulty.

As such, the release states: “some dinosaurs may actually have weighed as little as half as much as previously thought.”

“The original equation used by scientists produces fairly accurate results when determining the mass of smaller animals, but when used on larger animals our research shows that many errors have occurred,” says Birchard. “The new equation shows that dinosaurs are much smaller than we thought, but there is no mistaking that they were indeed huge animals.”

Most interesting:

Birchard and his colleagues realized there was an error when they used the equation to determine the weight of living animals such as a hippopotamus and an elephant and discovered that the equation greatly overestimated the weight of these animals.

We’ve been estimating dinosaur weight all wrong! Maybe the people at the Creation Museum were right all along. And their dinosaur has a saddle on it!

Photo of Creation Museum president/CEO Ken A. Ham with friend courtesy Answers in Genesis