Loyal City Desk readers (all four of you), please direct your attention today toward Housing Complex. It’s another of the all-day reporting blitzes by the vast Washington City Paper newsroom (see Food Day, Average Day) if, you know, you got the time.

Watch for architectural/vocab dispatches from Beaujon, “jump squad” efforts from Cherkis and Montgomery, doings at the landlord-tenant court from Housing Complex’s regularly scheduled columnist Samuelson, Wemple doing whatever Wemple’s doing, Scheinman on pricey condos, DeBonis on the new and improved (?) DCRA, Carman on crummy and otherwise restaurant designs, and I’ll be on the critter beat with the animal shelters, as well as other random stuff, including a shaky real-estate angle from GoRemy, the infamous Arlington rapper. 

It’s all real estate, all day. Got a tip? Got a crappy landlord? Got something to say about D.C. house porn? Hit the twitter (@housingcomplex) and the comments.