Man did Dresden ever screw up. Yesterday UNESCO removed the German city from its World Heritage List “due to the building of a four-lane bridge in the heart of the cultural landscape,”according to a press release I got yesterday.

Dresden! You fools! But then UNESCO follows the dope-slap with a nipple-twist:
Sacred mountain in Kyrgyzstan enters List along with Iran’s Shushtar water system and Royal tombs in Republic of Korea” reads the headline of another press release I got today. Royal tombs in the ROK, sure. Iran’s Shushtar water system? I’m surprised it wasn’t on there already. But Sacred Mountain in Kyrgyzstan? Come on, that thing is such a piece of shit. No way it’s on there for any other reason than to put the screws to Dresden. Come on, UNESCO, be cool! When someone’s down, you stop punching.