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Mark Steven, a founding moderator of the Redskins-owned message board, extremeskins.com, is now threatening to start a board to compete against Dan Snyder.

Steven, posting and moderating under the screen name Om, wielded a lot of power on extremeskins back in the day. Steven was among the group of founders who sold out the board to Snyder in 2005 in exchange for teensy favors from the team. Extremeskins.com was the first existing fan message board ever bought by a professional sports franchise, and the acquisition was seen in some quarters, present company included, as being part of Snyder’s plan to control all media.

After Snyder’s takeover, which left Steven on the team’s payroll, the extemeskins moderator then used his powers to champion fan rebellions against any and all Snyder bashers, present company included, with no apparent regard for how conflicted it made him look.

I was among the tens of people who found the whole situation fascinating, and at least tried to read all of Om’s posts.

But Steven left the site last year, announcing a general dissatisfaction with the way the board was being run since Snyder’s acquisition, and started his own blog.

And today Steven dropped what the tens of us who care regard as a bombshell: He’s about to go live with a competing message board for Redskins fans.

Steven’s announcement:

I have been devoting my time, with three partners you will soon meet, [to] building a new Redskins site. What started out as a bit of a lark—building a better Forum for the blog—has evolved into something none of us could have possibly envisioned. Something I dare say those of you as burgundy and gold obsessed as we are may find absolutely … well … you’ll see.So, while I really do regret the disappearing act, I’m equally hopeful that when we go live with the new site, perhaps as soon as the end of this week, you will understand.

It will be interesting, again to the tens of us, to see how a site run by this former Snyder bootlicker, now off the team’s payroll, will treat fans who rail against team management. I hope Art Mills, another conflicted-out-the-wazoo Snyder toadie I found fascinating who has disappeared from extremeskins.com of late, is involved in Om’s project.

I’ll be reading!